The philosophy behind our games

About | December 2014

Thinking games

STF has always been a self-proclaimed hard-ass philosopher. Things he’s been doing for the past 10 years have all been tinted by the hope that they would leave the spectator in a better state than they had found him or her.

Video games, for STF are no different. The point people have tried to make for some time now, making games, was to entertain. Entertainment is an evil in STF’s mind, it diverts you from your actual life, allows you to escape reality and to depart responsibility and you know, actual living up to a certain point.

Our games aim at fun, but also, are food for thought, for discussion. They are to be - hopefully - entire works of art. STF considers himself an artisan.

Indie developers have opened the way in some respect, making games that are more than fun, they are art [1]. Our purpose is to push forward in that direction, both thinking about conventions of gameplay, of rewarding the gamer, and adding a layer of story, art, music.

We are trying to do good through games...

This is an open thought process, feel free to let us know what you think!

[1here, I think mostly about Dear Esther, Monument Valley, Journey in some respect


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