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About | December 2014

This is going to be easy. This one’s about me.

Hi, my name’s Stéphane, I’m the lead everything in læi.
I grew up in France were I learnt BASIC programming at the age of 16 on a TI-82.

I studied computer science at the university in Lannion, Brittany and Multimedia in Wrexham, North Wales (UK).

I got pretty interested in art after that - which was a logical step for me but not for anybody else so my scholarship to study Art History was pulled. I did that anyway, by myself, along philosophy, 3D graphics, music, physics... I became quite well known in the Copyleft movement in France, promoting the Free Art Licence and Creative Commons.

I wrote and directed short films, wrote music, and stuff.

I’ve come back to programming very recently, for a laugh with a friend. Remembered that I used to be addicted to it... I’m using the Unity3D game engine because it’s the best :)

So now, I’m making games for the good of mankind. This is the goal. I’ll probably write more about this in future posts.

Thanks for reading, please contact me for more info or just to chat.



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