Roadmap 2016

Roadmap 2016

Cutie BoïngBoïng | December 2015

Why a second one?

First answer is: duuude the previous Roadmap was wrong, first month in.

So why make another one? Well, mostly because list are evil sentient brain-eating monsters from coder-hell that won’t leave you alone until you wrote them down!

So here goes:

Roadmap 2016


  • June:
    • Prototype ✔
  • July:
    • Creation of the new physics and unified managers ✔
  • August to November:
    • Tools development for level design ✔
    • Music research ✔
    • Graphic research ✔
  • December:
    • First level design ✔
    • More music ✔
    • Final development for graphic style in Boïng Country ✔


  • January:
    • Move to Unity 4.6 ✔
    • Dialogues system ✔
    • UI ✔
    • Basic Animation ✔
  • March:
    • Alpha version out for public testing ✔
  • April:
    • Adding menus and other UI✔
    • Level Design proper for the Boïng Contry✔
  • July:
    • Alpha out.✔
    • Menus.✔
  • September
    • MOVE TO UNITY 5 ... lord knows why.✔
  • December
    • New event system✔
    • Achievement System ✔
    • TONS OF BUG FIXING (Still on going)


  • January
    • Sound Design
    • First Level, full on, with sound and dialogues
    • Second Level Full On
    • Lots of play testing
  • at this point, I don’t put dates, in order not to put to much pressure on time...
    • More music, more level design (all Boïng Country Levels)
    • Design Pom-Punn characters
    • Level Design Pom-Punn Island
    • Taking input from the testing into account in modifying the game according to those
    • Finishing the levels
    • Beta Out (tester for the levels)
    • Finishing the music
    • Finishing the sound
    • Finishing controls (keyboard, gamepad)
    • Polishing for final version and debugging according to Beta
    • PC Release

The Android question

Well, if I get access to an android device (I live in the middle ages, I don’t have a mobile-phone [1], and I’m really not into smartphones and stuff... So I’ll need to find, borough or buy an Android device [2] to test out the game), I’ll probably consider porting Cutie to Androïd.

There’s a lot of question around the control schemes on Android, and the full 3D game is making me wander about possible performance issues.

If this doesn’t require more than a month of tinkering with the code and optimising shit, I’ll probably do it, for the lulz. Otherwise, I’m very incline to jump to my next endeavour : “J’ai vu le Soleil” [3]... a very different kind of beast altogether.

[1Cellphone for the americans

[2or a few

[3I saw the sun


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