Roadmap 2015

Roadmap 2015

Cutie BoïngBoïng | January 2015

So this is the official roadmap for Cutie BoïngBoïng. It’s probably all kinds of erroneous since this is my first game ever.


  • June:
    • Prototype ✔
  • July:
    • Creation of the new physics and unified managers ✔
  • August to November:
    • Tools development for level design ✔
    • Music research ✔
    • Graphic research ✔
  • December:
    • First level design ✔
    • More music ✔
    • Final development for graphic style in Boïng Country ✔


  • January:
    • Move to Unity 4.6 ✔
    • Dialogues system ✔
    • UI ✔
    • More music, more level design (all Boïng Country Levels) ✔
    • Basic Animation ✔
  • February:
    • Begin marketing & crowdfunding [1]
  • March:
    • Alpha version out for public testing ✔
    • Passing to Beta
  • April:
    • Adding menus and other UI
    • Level Design proper for the Boïng Contry
  • May:
    • Design Pom-Punn characters
    • Level Design Pom-Punn Island
    • Sound Design
    • Taking input from the testing into account in modifying the game according to those
    • Finishing the levels
    • Finishing the music
    • Finishing the sound
    • Finishing controls (keyboard, gamepad)
    • Beta out for testers
    • Preparing the rewards for backers [2]
    • Polishing for final version and debugging according to Beta
  • June:
    • PC Release

Android Release

This is a tricky and touchy subject. The game was initially thought for hand held device and touch screens, however, porting to Android is not for the faint of heart and may be a lot more that I bargained for.

Question is for now, am I going to raise the funds to make a port to Android, am I going to do a substandard free Android port or... you know, do something else of my life.

IOS Release

Well, this is the worst of them all. I would need to raise funds to procure myself an iPhone and an iPad, and to learn the metal engine’s specs, do a 64-bit port because nowadays the iStore requires both 32 and 64bit thingies ... so more to come about this.

[1if I have decided for crowdfunding at this point - decided not to do that

[2There again, if I choose to go the crowdfunding route for the PC version


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