Development blog no4 - From Alpha to Beta

Development blog no4 - From Alpha to Beta

Blog | December 2015

Well... it’s been months

This is not because I’m a lazy fuck [1]. It’s not either because I’ve been stuck under the snow or something, it’s just that making this game has not been my priority for a while. As a living organism, I have to eat, and in order to do that I have to work on other stuff sometimes.

I kinda hate it, but that’s the truth in the matter... I have been working... for money... like a prostitute. I was so ashamed that I’ve spent the few weeks I had of free time working on a short film. So... you know... I’ve had a lot of friends playtest Cutie during this time, and I was surprised with how fast they get used to the control... with no explanation at all... I think that’s a good sign.

Also, the emphasis is never on graphics, it’s on "how fun is it to play".

So I have started moving to Beta.

Beta is a biaaatch

Crap on a stick! Had I known it would be soooo muuuuuch wooooork.... I’d still have gone through with it because I am a bit of a masochist, but, man... I had to rewrite the better part of my system to allow for cut scenes, and little events like achievements.

I became a better coder over the past year, and I’m starting to hate my old monolithic code, some of which I had to rewrite quite extensively for the stupidest reasons... mostly, it didn’t allow me to "pause" the game for whatever reason or to take control of the camera for cut scenes. Trying to do so became a hack for the "pause menu" I had coded for the Alpha... and was potentially game breaking, so ...


Well, I’m almost done with the system rewrite. At least for events, I have all the sound system to look forward too, but a little bit of tinkering on the side is telling me that Unity 5 provides quite the handy set-up to make that a breeze.

It’s good to be back.

[1I swear!


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