Development blog No3 - Being late

Development blog No3 - Being late

Blog | February 2015

So, this is how late I am: A LOT.

I’ve been sick and I lost quite some time and motivation. Working on Lifetimes helped me realize the high of getting something done... also, during the game-jam, I’ve drank caffeine quite a bit, and I am a lot more efficient on it than without it... however, it burns a hole in my stomach [1] so I cannot consume much over a too long period.

So I’m slow, tired, and regretting not doing a simpler... a lot simple game to actually bring to completion.

I’m still trying to get an Alpha out today, that will be only one level, without any tutorial or anything, just to see how it run and having other people play-test it a lot...

Back to work for me then... laters.

[1At least, it feel like it


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